Egle Standard Druskininkai Sanatorium

Egles str 1, Druskininkai 66251, Lithuania

General Description

The sanatorium "Eglės sanatorija" is located in two Lithuanian resorts - in Birštonas and Druskininkai - a wellness institution famous for its long tradition of treatment and rehabilitation. The natural factors that glorify spas for many centuries (mineral water and healing mud) are combined with modern technologies and innovative medical equipment, thus creating excellent opportunities for comprehensive treatment of various diseases and strengthening the human body.

Comfort becomes one of the main criteria when choosing not only recreational trips, but also wellness services. With this in mind, in the sanatorium "Eglės sanatorija" in Druskininkai, one of the residential buildings was connected by a glass gallery to the sanatorium's hospital, in addition, residential building B and the old pump room with mineral water were updated. The end date of this project was the day of the new beginning of the sanatorium "Eglės sanatorija" - today the sanatorium provides an opportunity to choose the level of comfort of health and recreation services - Economy, Standard or Comfort.

Standard is a level of comfort that can be called the golden mean. Having chosen this level of comfort, guests of the sanatorium will live in updated rooms and will have the opportunity to comfortably, right in their bathrobes, without fear of bad weather, go to most of the procedures (to the hospital) and to the pump room with mineral water.

Before arriving, it is important to know:
Arrival - from 13:00;
Departure - up to 12 hours, a later departure is provided if possible, as agreed with the registry;
When registering, you must have with you personal documents of all guests (including children) and
confirmation of reservation (vouchers);
Pets are not allowed in the resort.


Upon arrival at the sanatorium, the client is assigned a doctor's consultation and the necessary documents are drawn up for his visit. During the consultation, the doctor assesses the health status of the client and prescribes treatment, in accordance with the selected program, taking into account indications and contraindications to the procedures. After consultation with the doctor, the schedule of procedures is compiled in the registry of the hospital. The procedures are carried out in accordance with the schedule, so it is recommended to come to the procedure for 5 minutes. earlier. If you are more than 5 minutes late, the procedure is not performed and is not compensated. During a consultation with a doctor, you can ask before additional procedures, which can be purchased at the hospital registry. Especially for a detailed examination and assessment of the state of the body in the sanatorium "Eglės sanatorija", diagnostic procedures and consultations of qualified specialists are additionally prescribed.

Treatment packages:

MINI: The price includes accommodation, three meals a day (buffet), medical procedures, doctor's consultation upon arrival.
Mineral bath;
Therapeutic gymnastics (group);
Relaxation procedure (Halotherapy / Aromatherapy / Audiovisual relaxation / Binaural relaxation) or (Herbal Cocktail / Inhalation).
Number of treatments per day: 3

MIDI: The price includes accommodation, three meals a day (buffet), medical procedures, doctor's consultation upon arrival.
1. Mineral bath / Mud procedure;
2. Massage (15 min.) Dry / underwater;
3. Therapeutic gymnastics (group) / Kinesitherapy in a vertical bath;
4. Physiotherapy (Electrostimulation / Magnetolaser therapy or another);
5. Relaxation procedure (Halotherapy / Aromatherapy / Audiovisual relaxation / Binaural relaxation) or (Herbal cocktail / Inhalation).
MAXI: The price includes accommodation, three meals a day (buffet), medical procedures, doctor's consultation upon arrival.
1. Individual kinesitherapy (therapeutic exercises) (30 min) / Group kinesitherapy in the hall / in water / in a vertical bath.
2. Therapeutic massage (30 min) / Underwater massage.
3. Hardware physiotherapy every day.
4. Therapeutic mineral bath (mineral-pearl / carbonic / four-chamber bath) / Treatment mud treatment (application / bath / baths for legs and hands).
5. Relaxation procedures (Aromatherapy / Audiovisual relaxation / Binaural relaxation / Halotherapy).
6. Oxygen cocktail / inhalation.
Number of treatments per day: 6
: on the day of arrival, a bottle of mineral water



Comfort becomes one of the main criteria for choosing not only recreational trips but also health improvement services. The medical SPA "Eglės sanatorija" since June 1, 2018 has introduced to its guests the opportunity to choose the desired level of comfort - Economy, Standard or Comfort - for usage of the health improvement and recreation services.

Economy - the comfort level corresponds to the widely known classical medical SPA "Eglės sanatorija". The guests of the medical SPA choosing economy level accommodation will access most of the medical procedures (treatment facility), canteen and mineral water buvette walking by the outdoor paths.

Standard - the standard comfort level may be called "the golden middle". The guests of the medical SPA "Eglės sanatorija" who chose this level of comfort will stay in the renewed rooms, and have possibility to access most of the medical procedures (treatment facility) and mineral water buvette walking in bathrobes and not caring about the bad weather.

Comfort - the highest comfort level for guests who want exceptional accommodation. Having chosen the comfort level, guests the medical SPA "Eglės sanatorija" will have access to the procedures wearing a bathrobe, and will also reach the mineral water buvette, the canteen and various places of the leisure activities without going outdoors.


The Eglės sanatorija sanatorium has its own kitchen, which offers a daily selection from a wide and balanced menu, where you can find ordinary dishes of traditional Lithuanian cuisine, diet dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables, cold and hot drinks and desserts. Meals are served on a buffet basis three times a day.

Sport Facilities


First room - in the Standard block

For all the guests living in the medical SPA.

Working hours
I-VII 15.00-22.00

Second room - in the Comfort block

The hall is intended for Comfort guests, please pick up the key of the hall at the Comfort (Eglė+) reception desk.

Leisure area STANDARD
B block, 6 -th floor

  • Table football
  • Table games
  • Billiards

Leisure area COMFORT
-1st floor

  • Table tennis
  • Table football
  • Darts

Family Entertainment Room STANDARD
B block, 2 nd floor

In this room, the whole family is welcome to spend exciting leisure time, as the little guests of the Medical SPA will have a poss


  • LAUNDROMAT. The laundromat is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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